Meet our medical experts

Meet our medical experts

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Our medical advisors

Monument’s medical advisors guide our treatment approach and innovation. They bring the experience, passion, and expertise that will help us create a world where a healthy relationship with alcohol is attainable and celebrated by everyone.

Dr. Abe Malkin, MD, MBAAdvisorRead bio
Laura Diamond, LMHC, EdM, MAAdvisorRead bio
James Besante, MDAdvisorRead bio
Remy Olivier, RNAdvisorRead bio
Mark Willenbring, MDAdvisorRead bio
Dr. Andrey OstrovskyAdvisorRead bio

Meet a few clinicians on the platform

The clinicians on the Monument platform are carefully vetted, onboarded, and trained to ensure you get the top-quality care you deserve. In addition to providing one-on-one alcohol therapy and physician care, the clinicians on our platform lend their expertise to free resources and therapist-moderated support groups.

Holli F., MHC and Operations at MonumentClinicianRead bio
Dr. Aisha Rush, MD, MA, MBAClinicianRead bio
Sabrina Spotorno, LCSW, CASACClinicianRead bio
Mark Zauss, BC-TMC, NCC, CCMHC, LMHCClinicianRead bio
Kimberley Rodriguez, LMFT, CAPClinicianRead bio
Justin Woods, MDClinicianRead bio
Jiseung Yoon, MDClinicianRead bio
Tammy Day, LCSW, LCDCClinicianRead bio
Shamara Moody, LPC, BC-TMH, MATSClinicianRead bio