Empower employees to drink less and live more

Monument helps employees live healthier and happier lives by reducing their alcohol consumption. Employers benefit from fewer missed work days, more productive employees, and meaningful cost savings.

  • Insurance-covered therapy and physician care
  • Community programming and resources
  • Ongoing communications support
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Your employees deserve holistic, evidence-based care

Your employees deserve holistic, evidence-based care


Monument connects employees to therapists specialized in treating substance use disorders. Therapy helps employees build coping skills, manage urges to drink, persevere through setbacks, and address co-occurring anxiety and depression.


Licensed physicians can prescribe medication if safe and appropriate for the individual. FDA-approved medications for alcohol use disorder are shown to reduce the risk of returning to any drinking as well as return to heavy drinking.

Peer Support

Monument facilitates peer-to-peer connection through virtual moderated support groups and an anonymous community forum. Peer encouragement and accountability can reduce heavy drinking and drinking-related consequences.

On-Demand Resource Library

Employees can access hundreds of resources for every stage of their sobriety or moderation journey. They can also attend monthly webinars on topics related to building a healthier and happier life without alcohol.

Your employees deserve holistic, evidence-based care

Get your team the relief and results they deserve

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Benefits of partnering with Monument

Improved health outcomes

Improved health outcomes

Decreased alcohol consumption can improve employees' heart health, decrease cancer risk, contribute to weight loss and better sleep, and prevent liver disease. It can also improve overall mental wellness and productivity.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Employers spend an average of $8,817 per year on each employee with an untreated substance use disorder. Providing evidence-based treatment can significantly reduce your costs.

Tailored employee engagement

Tailored employee engagement

Monument will develop custom engagement campaigns to educate your employees, including support on internal communications, learning & development, and DEI initiatives.

“Monument is all encompassing to addressing your sobriety! It tackles every angle… counseling, support groups for all types of individuals, MD support as well as a wealth of research that you can read at your leisure. I am finally free after most of my life being an everyday wine drinker and having nothing else work.”

Kathryn, Monument Member

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Monument is contracted with most major insurance plans. Contact us to learn more about our simple implementation process and pricing.

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