Online alcohol therapy to build healthier habits

Online alcohol therapy to build healthier habits

Alcohol use disorder is influenced by psychological and societal factors, and can be intensified by mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. That’s where online alcohol therapy comes in. Alcohol therapy is proven to be an effective treatment option for meaningfully reducing your alcohol consumption on your sobriety or moderation journey.

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“I've engaged with lots of therapists over the years.
 My therapist at Monument is the first to make me feel truly not-judged. I wish I'd found you sooner.”

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Steps to treatment

How online alcohol therapy works

  • Match with a specialized therapist

    You’ll be matched with a licensed therapist and physician to guide you throughout your treatment plan. You will meet with your therapist on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on your plan.

  • Set goals and create a treatment plan

    You’ll work with your therapist to align on what success means to you, whether that’s sobriety or moderation. Your therapist will build a curriculum of therapy sessions designed to meaningfully reduce your alcohol consumption.

  • Make progress with structured guidance

    Your alcohol therapy program will include phases of treatment that build upon each other until you reach your goal. Medication to stop drinking can also supplement your therapy.

Why alcohol therapy works

Research has proven counseling techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing can empower long-lasting behavioral change and improve your mental health.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you…
Build coping skills without alcohol
Manage cravings and urges to drink
Manage negative thoughts and feelings
Persevere through setbacks
Address co-occuring anxiety and/or depression
Motivational interviewing helps you…
Identify goals and aspirations
Build supportive and healthy relationships
Cultivate your inner motivation
Develop a commitment to your goals
Create an action plan to achieve them

Benefits of online alcohol therapy with Monument

In the comfort of your home

Virtual, flexible treatment allows you to do therapy on your terms. Unlike rehab and in-person care, there’s no waiting room with an online alcohol treatment program. Plus, Monument’s platform is 100% secure and confidential.

Guidance & accountability

Your therapist will provide ongoing counseling, and is available via chat for non-urgent questions. They’ll show up for you as you show up for yourself.

A judgment-free environment

We accept you exactly as you are, without judgment. Alcohol use disorder is a medical condition, not a moral failing, and we’re here to help.

Long-lasting results

Drinking less is just the beginning. What you learn in therapy will better equip you to navigate all of life’s ups-and-downs, and find authentic joy along the way.

Therapist reviews

The average therapist rating at Monument is 4.9/5

"In a month, I’ve gotten more out of therapy with my therapist at Monument than years of working with other therapists. She has helped me to recognize patterns and think about my behaviors and triggers."
– Monument Member
"With my therapist's encouragement I managed to stop drinking long enough to start on medication. I have been alcohol free for 65 days and feel positive about the future."
– Monument Member
"My therapist has been so amazing. Always helping me see things a different way and helping me understand why I feel the way I do. At this point in my life she is saving me. I usually would drink everyday and last month I had 21 days not drinking!"
– Monument Member
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Frequently asked questions

Great question! Our team has put together the following resources about what to expect from online treatment:

What To Expect From Online Alcohol Therapy

Treatment Plan Roadmap: How To Reach Your Goals With Monument

Alcohol Recovery Timeline: What To Expect

Unlike in other counseling programs and online rehabs, the therapists on our platform have direct experience treating alcohol use disorder. Monument works with licensed mental health counselors and licensed clinical social workers to get you the specialized care you deserve. They’ve dedicated their careers to helping people change their lives through alcohol treatment programs. Every treatment provider has been vetted and background checked, has years of relevant mental health experience treating substance use disorders (like alcohol use disorder), and is proficient in cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, and motivational interviewing.

Therapy plans at Monument are designed to produce real results aligned with your sobriety or moderation goals. Your counseling sessions won’t begin with ‘tell me how you’re feeling.’ Your treatment provider will offer structure, guidance, and support to help you reduce your alcohol consumption. Additionally, life doesn’t have to stop to make progress. Unlike inpatient rehab or in-person meetings, therapy takes place entirely online, and on your own time.

Monument’s treatment program is unique in that we connect you to evidence-based care entirely online. Unlike other treatment options, Monument treatment plans are led by expert clinicians, and designed to support goals for sobriety or moderation. Monument uses the gold-standard in treatment modalities for alcohol use disorder, including online therapy, medication, and peer support. If a clinician believes their patient is at risk for alcohol withdrawal due to physical alcohol dependence, they will refer them to a detox treatment facility for in-person supervision. If you believe you are currently experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms, please visit your local emergency department, and call 911 in case of a medical emergency.

Yes! Therapy empowers long-lasting behavioral change and improves overall mental wellbeing. While medications such as naltrexone and disulfiram are effective evidence-based tools, it’s beneficial to also address the psychological and social influences on your relationship with alcohol through online therapy. Engaging in multiple treatment options provides additional accountability and support throughout the sobriety or moderation journey.

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