Everyone deserves access to evidence-based alcohol treatment.

Everyone deserves access to evidence-based alcohol treatment.

Let’s make that happen together.

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The Problem

Alcohol use disorder has gone undiagnosed and untreated.


of adults have alcohol use disorder (AUD) in the US.


of those with AUD receive 
treatment in a given year.

Our philosophy

Evidence-based treatment should be accessible and affordable

People don’t seek treatment due to cost, stigma, lack of access and rigid treatment modalities. We’re breaking down those barriers. At Monument, our treatment platform is:
  • Clinician-led and community supported
  • Inclusive of sobriety and harm-reduction endpoints
  • Accessible and affordable, with options for every budget
  • All-in-one and easy-to-use
  • Integrated through seamless care coordination
Our philosophy

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Let’s partner to improve the health and wellness of your community

Let’s partner to improve the health and wellness of your community


Add Monument as an in-network treatment option for member populations, and provide access to Monument’s network of specialized therapists and physicians.


Leverage Monument’s first-of-its-kind alcohol use disorder treatment program to connect your patients to specialized care. We work with health systems, PCP networks, and behavioral health, detox and recovery partners to ensure continuity of care.

Employers & EAPs

Offer Monument as a covered benefit, and see the value in providing employees with specialized online alcohol treatment that works with their schedule and needs.


If your patients, customers, or community members could benefit from Monument, we'd love to hear from you!

Benefits to partnering with Monument

Improved health outcomes

Improved health outcomes

Decreased alcohol consumption can improve heart health, decrease cancer risk, and contribute to weight loss. Research continues to demonstrate how we can help millions of people with AUD realize these health benefits.

Reduced morbidities

Reduced morbidities

Alcohol is the third leading preventable cause of death in the US today. During 2011–2015, excessive drinking was responsible for an average of 93,296 deaths annually. By providing evidence-based treatment, we can reduce this number.

Lower costs

Lower costs

In 2010, excessive alcohol use cost the US economy $249 billion due to lost workplace productivity, health care, and crime. The right intervention can have a major impact on these cost burdens.