Online support to change your drinking

Life shouldn’t have to stop while you make progress. That’s why we created Monument — to connect you to expert resources, a supportive community, and affordable medical care. All in one place, and entirely online.

Our approach

Peer support and specialized care on your own terms

Monument community membership includes access to an anonymous forum, therapist-moderated support groups, and expert resources. All for free. Members seeking affordable medical care are connected to a licensed physician and a specialized therapist to develop a plan specific to their goals.


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Build a treatment plan with your Care Team


Manage your plan and track your progress


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Join our anonymous community to ask questions, share updates, hear from Monument’s members and moderators, and join virtual therapist-moderated support groups on topics related to changing your drinking.

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Build a treatment plan with your Care Team

Connect with a licensed physician and specialized therapist to personalize your treatment plan. Your Care Team will build a therapy program unique to your goals, and explore medication options to help you achieve them. Medication is always optional. 



Manage your plan and track your progress

We act as your homebase for treatment. Track your progress, manage your appointments and prescriptions, register for groups, and share milestones (if you want to!) all in one place. 


Holistic care that's more affordable than many therapy options


“I tried a few treatment options and found that a combination of therapy and medication was what worked for me. And after doing a lot of research, I found this method worked for a lot of other people, too.”

- Mike Russell, CEO

Our members

Members take treatment into their own hands with the support of medical experts and digital community

Our science

A medical solution to a medical problem

Alcohol dependence is a medical problem. At Monument, we’ve worked with leading MDs, therapists, and nurses in the field to create our research-based treatment plans.