Big News! Tempest Joins the Monument Family

"Monument + Tempest"
We are excited to announce that Tempest has been acquired by Monument. Tempest and Monument will be integrating services down the road to create a singular platform with the most robust recovery toolkit available. Both organizations were built to provide clinically-backed tools for anyone looking to redefine their relationship with alcohol, and together, our offering will be more holistic and wide-reaching. Monument and Tempest share core values of integrity, confidentiality, and person-centric care, which will continue to guide this next chapter.

As we work to thoughtfully integrate our two platforms, we’re sharing answers to some of the questions you might have about what this means, and how we will continue to support both Tempest and Monument members.

Q: Who is Monument?

A: Monument is a telemedicine platform for anyone looking to change their relationship with alcohol. Monument connects people to tools including peer support, behavioral therapy, and medication-assisted treatment. Mike Russell founded Monument based on his own sobriety journey, and is working to increase access to and affordability of the treatment that worked for him, and many others. The combination of Monument’s clinician-led care and Tempest’s powerful community and content will provide our members with even more services to empower them on their recovery journey.

Q: Will Tempest and Monument’s services remain separate?

A: Tempest and Monument will eventually be integrating services to create a singular platform with the most robust recovery toolkit available at You can access the following  tools via Monument:

  • Over 60 moderated support groups on a variety of topics
  • An anonymous community forum
  • Medication assisted treatment with care from a licensed physician
  • Virtual therapy with a therapist specialized in treating substance use disorders

Monument and Tempest members will be the first to know when the combined service becomes available. For most up to date information please reference Tempest FAQs.

Q: How can I learn more about joining Monument?

A: You can explore your Monument care options here. Monument provides out-of-pocket pricing that’s competitive with the cost of many mental health copays, and also accepts many major insurance providers, and HSA/FSA. You can check your insurance eligibility here.

Q: How will I know when Monument and Tempest services merge?

Monument and Tempest services have merged as of August 2022. All members who have previously been a part of the Tempest platform have the opportunity to join Monument for $14.99/month.  For most up to date information please reference Tempest FAQs.

Q: What will happen to Tempest support groups?

Many Tempest support groups were moved to Monument and are moderated by former Tempest coaches who have joined our platform. We continue to add new groups regularly. These groups were added in addition to the 60+ moderated support groups already happening on Monument each week.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about all of this?

If you have any questions about Monument’s services, please email For questions about Tempest membership, please email

About the Author

Randy SmithRandy graduated from Pitzer College with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. This educational foundation has been instrumental in their approach to content creation, allowing them to craft narratives that are engaging and deeply impactful for readers seeking guidance and support in their recovery process. Randy has a rich background in media studies and a profound commitment to mental health and addiction recovery, making significant contributions to Monument's content strategy. Starting as an Editorial Consultant in October 2020, they quickly rose to a full-time role, leveraging their skills to produce insightful content that resonated with individuals on their recovery journey. As a Content Associate and later as a Content Manager, Randy's work focused on providing resources to help individuals understand and navigate the challenges of sobriety. Collaborating with licensed therapists, they developed articles that were informative but also empathetic and supportive. Randy's pieces, particularly on managing sobriety during holidays and overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors, have been invaluable in guiding many towards positive steps in their treatment journey. Randy's tenure at Monument was marked by a deep dedication to empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary for recovery. Their work in content management played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative around addiction recovery, offering hope and practical advice to those in need.