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Molly Ruggere is a freelance writer, Certified Life Coach, Certified This Naked Mind Coach and Founder of Counterculture Club, a global alcohol-free community offering alcohol freedom coaching, membership and large scale social events, with a mission to show the world alcohol is not a requirement for a fun, fulfilling life. As someone who once thought letting go of alcohol meant she’d never have fun or enjoy life again, Molly’s ultimate mission is to show others with this mindset that changing your relationship with alcohol is something to be celebrated, not stigmatized. She believes finding the courage to let go of any crutch that is keeping you stuck is a life-changing personal growth journey that doesn’t close doors—it opens them—revealing new possibilities and allowing you to embrace opportunities with clarity and confidence. When she’s not coaching, growing Counterculture Club, or writing, Molly enjoys reading, seeing live music, doing outdoor activities, traveling, and spending time with her friends, family, and two tiny poodles, Ziggy and Billie. To work with Molly or read more of her writing, visit her website or follow her on Instagram, @mollyruggere. For more information on Counterculture Club, visit or follow on Instagram, @counterculture_club.

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