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Personalized plans to meet personal goals

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Take the critical first step

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Weekly therapy with medication

"Monument helped reduce all barriers to seeking help and made getting that help very immediate and accessible. I feel that getting help for alcoholism has never been easier!"

Online Therapy
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Be a more present parent

Weekly therapy with medication

"I didn't drink often, but when I did, I couldn't stop. Therapy helps me work through impulses, and medication takes drinking off the table for me"

Online Therapy
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Drink responsibly

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Medication only

"I was upping my drinking at night, which made me feel terrible the next day, as well as costing me an arm and a leg"

Online Therapy

Steps to treatment

How online alcohol therapy works

  • Match with a specialized therapist

    After joining Monument’s Community Membership you’ll have the option to add on virtual therapy. You’ll get matched with a licensed therapist specialized in helping people change their relationship with alcohol. You can expect 0% judgment, 100% support.

  • Set goals and create a treatment plan

    You’ll work with your therapist to align on what success means to you, whether that’s sobriety or moderation. Your therapist will build a curriculum of therapy sessions designed to meaningfully reduce your alcohol consumption.

  • Make progress with structured guidance

    Your alcohol therapy program will include phases of treatment that build upon each other until you reach your goal. Medication-assisted treatment can also supplement your therapy.

Holistic care, all in one place

Community membership

Become a member to access virtual support groups, a community forum, accountability tools, and personalized care from experts who get it.

  • Access to moderated support groups
  • 24/7 anonymous community forum
  • SMS-based drink tracker (coming soon)
  • Expert resources for supporting a loved one
  • Tools for company leaders and HR professionals
$14.99 per month 30 days of free access with code START30
+ Community membership add-on

Specialized therapy

Includes everything from community membership + virtual appointments and Chat-based messaging with your therapist.

Covered in part or in full by insurance

+ Community membership add-on

Medication-assisted treatment

Meet with a licensed physician to discuss your medication options. Your physician can prescribe medication if safe and appropriate.

Covered in part or in full by insurance

In-network with major insurance plans

And constantly expanding our coverage! Join Monument to check your insurance benefits.

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Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from online alcohol therapy?

Great question! Our team has put together the following resources about what to expect from online treatment:

What To Expect From Online Alcohol Therapy
Treatment Plan Roadmap: How To Reach Your Goals With Monument
Alcohol Recovery Timeline: What To Expect

While these resources can help set expectations, it’s also important to know that everyone’s journey is unique, and your therapy sessions will be specifically tailored to you and your goals for sobriety or moderation. Your therapist will review your medical history, including your past alcohol use, risk for alcohol dependence, and anything else you choose to share. After getting to know each other in your intro session, you’ll receive counseling that helps you build new skills, manage thoughts and emotions, and reduce the role alcohol plays in your life.

How are treatment providers on the Monument platform unique?

Unlike in other counseling programs and online rehabs, the therapists on our platform have direct experience treating alcohol use disorder. Monument works with licensed mental health counselors and licensed clinical social workers to get you the specialized care you deserve. They’ve dedicated their careers to helping people change their lives through alcohol treatment programs. Every treatment provider has been vetted and background checked, has years of relevant mental health experience treating substance use disorders (like alcohol use disorder), and is proficient in cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, and motivational interviewing.

What makes alcohol therapy with Monument different from ‘regular therapy’?

Therapy at Monument is designed to produce meaningful results aligned with your sobriety or moderation goals. Your counseling sessions won’t begin with ‘tell me how you’re feeling.’ Your therapist will offer structure, guidance, and support to help you reduce your alcohol consumption. Additionally, life doesn’t have to stop to make progress. Unlike inpatient rehab or in-person meetings, therapy takes place entirely online, and on your own time.

What is Monument’s approach to online alcohol therapy?

Monument’s alcohol therapy program utilizes evidence-based, patient-first treatment methods. That means the therapists on our platform all have direct experience in substance use disorder treatment, and are trained in modalities that research has proven to be effective in helping people reduce their drinking. These modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Moreover, therapy at Monument is responsive to your needs, and structured to ensure you’re making progress towards your sobriety or moderation goals.

Will I benefit from therapy if I’m already taking medication to stop drinking?

Yes! Therapy empowers long-lasting behavioral change and improves overall mental wellbeing. While medication-assisted treatment is an effective evidence-based tool to treat alcohol use disorder (AKA ‘alcohol dependency’), it’s beneficial to also address the psychological and social influences on your relationship with alcohol through online therapy. Engaging in multiple treatment options provides additional accountability and support throughout the sobriety or moderation journey.

What are the benefits of alcohol therapy online?

Online alcohol therapy at Monument provides the benefits of in-person alcohol counseling, without the hassle of commuting, and the prices of traditional inpatient or outpatient programs. In online alcohol therapy, you get to work with a therapist specialized in helping people change their drinking habits from the comfort of your own home. Therapists on the Monument platform use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is proven to help reduce alcohol consumption,1 and is considered the gold standard in alcohol treatment by leading addiction professionals. CBT can help you:

  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms
  • Address co-occurring depression and/or anxiety
  • Restructure negative thought patterns
  • Manage urges to drink

By attending online therapy, you can meet with your therapist on your own schedule, and connect with them over chat throughout the week. You can discover other benefits by learning more about why experts recommend therapy to stop drinking.

What is the cost of Monument online alcohol treatment vs. traditional treatments?

It's our mission to make specialized alcohol therapy as accessible as possible, and fortunately, we’re able to offer online treatment at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs.

After becoming a Monument member for $14.99/month, you can add on therapy and/or medication-assisted treatment covered in part or in full by insurance. You’ll receive a full explanation of your insurance coverage before you’re asked for any payment information.

Does Monument offer counseling for minors?

At this time, you must be 18 years of age or older in order to enroll in a Monument membership and therapy. Minors are able to read expert insights for free by visiting our resource library.

When is a therapist available to chat?

Monument is designed to fit into your daily life and work around your schedule. After enrolling in specialized therapy you’ll provide your preferred day(s) and time(s) for therapy, and you will be matched with a provider with compatible availability. Many therapists have availability on nights and weekends. You can also reach your therapist via chat with any non-urgent questions.