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Alcohol use disorder is influenced by psychological and societal factors and can be intensified by mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. That’s where online alcohol therapy comes in. Alcohol therapy is proven to be an effective treatment option for meaningfully reducing your alcohol consumption on your sobriety or moderation journey.

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“I've engaged with lots of therapists over the years. My therapist at Monument is the first to make me feel truly not-judged. I wish I'd found you sooner.”

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Consult a physician about medication

Like other health conditions, alcohol use disorder can be treated with FDA-approved prescription medication. If you are interested in medication to stop drinking or cut back, your physician can prescribe disulfiram or naltrexone medication if they deem it safe and appropriate for you.

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“My doctor was professional, caring, and knowledgeable. I've been petrified of talking to a physician for years. I wish I had signed up sooner.”

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Access moderated support groups online

Monument members get unlimited access to daily virtual support groups related to sobriety or moderation. Support groups are a safe space to connect with people who get who you’re going through. Participation in groups is completely voluntary, and you can choose to remain anonymous for the entire duration of the online meeting if you prefer. After your session is finished, you will be able to chat in a private channel with other group members.

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“My therapist Wendy is fantastic. She gave me valuable insights into my family dynamic and my drinking habits. Very much looking forward to our next visit.”

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Unsure where to start? That’s okay!

Sobriety and moderation are a series of small steps that can significantly impact your health over time. If you’re not quite sure that treatment is right for you, our Community Membership is a great place to start. You’ll get:

  1. Unlimited access to moderated support groups
  2. 24/7 anonymous community forum
  3. Daily affirmations
  4. Self-guided courses (coming soon!)
  5. Access to a network of physicians and therapists (appointments can be covered by insurance)
Remember, you can use the code START30 for 30 days of free Community Membership. Get started

“So nice to not feel shame and to hear that I'm not a failure if I want to drink in moderation instead of quit altogether. I do think sobriety is the best route for me for now, but grateful that there is an open dialogue and not a black and white option with sobriety.”

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Holistic care, all in one place

Community membership

Become a member to access virtual support groups, a community forum, accountability tools, and personalized care from experts who get it.

  • Access to moderated support groups
  • 24/7 anonymous community forum
  • SMS-based drink tracker (coming soon)
  • Expert resources for supporting a loved one
  • Tools for company leaders and HR professionals
$14.99 per month 30 days of free access with code START30
+ Community membership add-on

Specialized therapy

Includes everything from community membership + virtual appointments and Chat-based messaging with your therapist.

Covered in part or in full by insurance

+ Community membership add-on

Medication-assisted treatment

Meet with a licensed physician to discuss your medication options. Your physician can prescribe medication if safe and appropriate.

Covered in part or in full by insurance

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"Monument helped reduce all barriers to seeking help and made getting that help very immediate and accessible. I feel that getting help has never been easier!"
– Weekly Therapy Plan Member
"I usually would drink everyday and last month I had 21 days not drinking! I am grateful to have her helping me on this journey and I’ve never once felt judged."
– Physician Plan Member
"I knew I needed support to stop drinking, but I work a lot and have a family to keep up with so never felt I had time to find it. I love what Monument is doing - it made it easy for me to get not plan on turning back!"
– Weekly Therapy Plan Member

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You deserve the emotional and physical benefits of sobriety or moderation, and they are within reach at Monument.

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