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Join thousands of members who are already getting help.

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Evidence-based tools for results & relief

We use clinically-backed tools that research has proven to help people reduce their alcohol consumption.

Specialized virtual therapy

Specialized virtual therapy

Therapy helps you process uncomfortable emotions, manage thoughts about alcohol, build healthier habits, & feel better.

Medication to curb cravings

Medication to curb cravings

Medication can help curb cravings by reducing the pleasurable effects of and associations with alcohol.

Support from people who get it

Support from people who get it

Peer support provides encouragement and accountability. Whether you’re maintaining sobriety, practicing moderation, or supporting a loved one, there’s a group for you.

See how drinking less can give you more.

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If I could have turned back the life dial to almost 30 years ago and found this program I would! I feel like this has been the best option! I have tried so many programs but this is the first one to grab my attention and keep me focused.

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On average

Monument members saw a 51% decrease in heavy drinking days per week by their 4th clinician appointment

On average

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Holistic care, all in one place

Community membership

Become a member to access virtual support groups, a community forum, accountability tools, and personalized care from experts who get it.

  • Access to moderated support groups
  • 24/7 anonymous community forum
  • SMS-based drink tracker (coming soon)
  • Expert resources for supporting a loved one
  • Tools for company leaders and HR professionals
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Specialized therapy

Includes everything from community membership + virtual appointments and Chat-based messaging with your therapist.

Covered in part or in full by insurance

+ Community membership add-on

Medication-assisted treatment

Meet with a licensed physician to discuss your medication options. Your physician can prescribe medication if safe and appropriate.

Covered in part or in full by insurance

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See how drinking less can give you more

You deserve the emotional and physical benefits of sobriety or moderation, and they are within reach at Monument.

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